The typical posture for young trombonists is to bend down and over to the right as the weight of the trombone and the action of the extended slide pulls them.


With the TromboneSpineSaver™ Performance Stand, the student’s posture is unaffected by imbalances of the trombone. The student can sit in a posture better suited to excellent tone production. Being fully adjustable along three vectors of stress, the performance stand can be set to actually encourage better posture in young players.

The Trombone SpineSaver™ Performance Stand prevents undue stress to the spine, left hand and left shoulder of the trombonist. This is especially important at a time when young players are experiencing their greatest physical growth, preventing inhibition of the healthy development of the spine. It corrects the posture typically seen in middle and high school trombone sections - - curving down and to the right in a twisting motion.

For the professional trombonist who is holding the trombone in a playing position for many hours a day, the Trombone SpineSaver™ Performance Stand eliminates the effort of merely holding the instrument, putting the focus of effort on breathing, breath support, embouchure, articulation and slide motion - - unencumbered by back, wrist, arm and shoulder stress.

The newest TromboneSpineSaver™ Performance Stand model fits small bore student trombones, large bore F-attachment trombones and F/D double-valve bass trombones. As the trombone student progresses from student-line trombone to professional F-attachment trombones, the Trombone SpineSaver™ Performance Stand continues to work without upgrade or replacement.

Accessories include a belt clip attachment that clips to an ordinary key ring clip on any belt, allowing the player to go directly from seated to standing performance.

Immediately available are customized strap colors.