EuphoniumSpineSaver is here!

For fans of the Stewart Stand (of which I was one), you may know that M. Dee Stewart retired a few years ago and no longer manufactures the Stewart Stand. This development led to the adaptation of TromboneSpineSaver™ to the euphonium and baritone.

Similarly, TromboneSpineSaver™ was adapted to the French Horn very successfully.

Euphonium players who used the Stewart Stand did so because the instrument, cradled on the thighs of the player, forced the player into a collapsed posture, impeding the abdominal area for breathing and crimping the neck muscles. The Stewart Stand corrected this problem and restored a correct posture to the player.

EuphoniumSpineSaver does just that! However, it does not need oversize cable locks and large surgical tubing permanently attached to the euphonium to make it work.

EuphoniumSpineSaver attaches in seconds, adjusts height quickly, removes quickly and actually stores inside the bell of the instrument - - fully detached. Please view the following sequence of photographs and captions to see what EuphoniumSpineSaver can do for you!

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