The reason I purchased the spinesaver was not so much for my spine but for my tennis elbow in my left arm. The spinesaver helps take pressure off my left elbow when practicing because of the support it gives. Which in turn helps me to practice longer.  Thanks again.

Posted By: JS
Karl loves his new trombone stand! He plays in his high school marching, jazz, & concert bands. So when he fractured his collarbone, he was pretty devastated. Fortunately, it wasn't displaced & he did not require surgery. The doctor gave him no restrictions except, 'If it hurts, don't do it.' So, now that we received the TromboneSpineSaver™, he is able to play for longer periods of time & is gradually starting to return to full rehearsals.

Though the written instructions may seem a little intimidating at first, it really is very easy & quick to set up & adjust. We highly recommend taking the time to make the simple measurements for the free custom bending if recommended by the company. The stand itself is really quite compact & easily fits inside his smaller gig case with the trombone so it does not affect his ability to walk several blocks to catch his train. We originally ordered it for relief while recovering from a broken collarbone, but see its value in decreasing strain, preventing repetitive motion injuries/posture problems & allowing for less tension/greater breath support while playing!

Thanks for inventing this, & for your excellent customer service!
Posted By: PK/KK
Illinois USA
I am a fourth grade band teacher and I was looking for a way to help a physically impaired student play the trombone. I came across the TromboneSpineSaver™ and purchased it for my student hoping it would help him hold the trombone on his own. Adjusting the TromboneSpineSaver™ to fit my student's needs was difficult at first. I contacted Jonathan (the inventor) right away with my concerns and he called me personally to walk me through the set up. My student is holding up his trombone successfully and can participate with the band! I recommend the stand to any educator.
Posted By: SR
The TromboneSpineSaver™ stand is actually working fine.

I had a small adjustment of the valve lever and during the last month.
I have been able to participate in several band rehearsals and I will soon join in the first concert since my wrist accident. This would not have been possible without the TromboneSpineSaver™ stand. I still cannot hold the instrument for more than a few minutes without the stand.

Thank you very much for your support and effort to customize and improve the stand for my instrument.
Posted By: M.K. Sweden
Just wanted to let you know that it works great! The custom bends you added are spot on! I really like how after I get everything adjusted for the proper posture position, I'm forced to maintain the same posture. It doesn't let me slouch. Very nice! I'm looking forward to trying it with the belt.

I am very pleased with the trombonespinesaver™. Thank you for taking care to custom bend the spine saver to get just the right angles and fit for my specific trombone and posture.

Thank you for your help!
Posted By: J.B.
Atlanta, GA
I love my new TromboneSpineSaver™ stand! I must say I was quite worried about the weight that an ErgoBone would have put on my shoulders (as that's where most of my back problems manifest). But, with the TromboneSpineSaver™ I don't have to worry about that. While there have been some minor "getting-used-to" discoveries, none of them have been problematic. In fact, my experience has been quite the opposite.

On the whole the TromboneSpineSaver™ is an absolute gem! I can play without back pain! And even better, I can now easily tell when I'm needlessly adding tension. Why can I tell? I can tell because the difference between my "new normal", and when I start to stiffen up as result of doing "hard things" are like night an day.

While I'll certainly need to buy the belt clip to go with the belt attachment, the attachment has worked just fine with one of my belt buckles giving me the freedom to play sitting or standing.

Thank you for a fantastic product! It's wonderful to be able to enjoying making music again!

Best Regards,
Posted By: E.S.O.
Beaver Falls, PA
I am seriously endorsing The Jon Holtfreter "Trombone Spine Saver Stand". I've developed arthritis in my back and shoulder over the years and this stand is helping me to negotiate the instrument again. I enjoy playing Bass Trombone again without the pain.

I did try the ErgoBone stand. I like this better - it doesn't seem to get in the way of things either.

Fast mute changes for theater work will take some time to sort out.

Now back to enjoyable practice...
Posted By: M.P.
Milan, IL
I got the spine saver today. It works great and fits the bass bone
perfectly. I never realized how that horn was killing me till I used
your invention. Thanks a bunch!!
Posted By: J.H.
Joshua Tree, CA
When I started playing trombone in 5th grade, they issued us a type of trombone known as the Tenor Trombone.

Because we were fifth graders, the large instrument’s weight was too much for us, and pulled our heads towards the instrument; making us lean our head far to the left. We were further hindered by the “counterweight” that only enhanced the problem. Not only does leaning your head to the side look silly, but it restricts your airflow and makes you sound airy.

Later, I started taking lessons with Mr. Holtfreter. He’s helped improved my playing a lot, and he also noticed my head problem. That’s when he gave me the demo TromboneSpineSaver™.

The TromboneSpineSaver™ eliminated all the weight that was pulling my head down, and all the weight necessary to hold it. Seriously, I could hold it with one finger with no trouble. This made it easier to concentrate on holding my head straight and still play the music well. I noticed dramatic improvement because my airflow was no longer being restricted.

They should issue all the 5th graders these stands so they have good posture from the get-go. I recommend this to all trombone players.
-John B. Student of Mr. Holtfreter and a member of his trombone choir 2011
Posted By: John B.
Ann Arbor, MI
It is my belief that, when used properly, the TromboneSpinesaver™ performance stand greatly reduces the amount of stress on the hand from playing. Using the TromboneSpinesaver™ really makes the long practice sessions feel more comfortable and I most certainly would have not been able to make it through those sessions without it. But of course, one must remember to take adequate rest during practice sessions to reduce the buildup of stress.

For me, using only the clamp that attaches before the first slide brace worked best for me. (No hooks or straps). That way I can still get a little bit of flexibility for face shifts. As someone who suffers from tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome,

I would definitely recommend this to anybody who spends a substantial amount of time practicing trombone.
Posted By: Quinton H.
I was impressed with how much of a difference I felt after using the Trombone SpineSaver for just the first time.

The first thing I noticed was that I wasn’t holding up the trombone anymore, instead, all I had to do was balance it. This was a great help for when I was doing any type of long practicing because of the complete elimination of any stress on my hand and back. But it also helped to correct any problems in my posture while playing.

The SpineSaver can be quickly and easily adjusted to fit your posture, and then be locked into that position. Because you have to constantly keep your body at that specific height you eventually gain the feeling for a correct posture to the point of where in a performance you can snap right into the perfect playing position. I have been using the Trombone SpineSaver Performance Stand for the past few months and have yet to encounter any issues with it.

I would definitely recommend this to a trombonist of any skill level and age.
Posted By: Michael D.

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