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Video Tutorial

The Trombone SpineSaver Performance Stand is easy to use and takes just seconds to attach or remove. Check out the videos below to find instructions specifically aimed at various types of trombones. Also, this photo tutorial will show you custom bending and custom straps.

Using the Belt Attachment

Bass Trombone

Student Line Trombone

Conn Trombone

Bach Trombone

Using the Belt Attachment

The Belt Clip Attachment fastens on to the lower pipe of the TromboneSpineSaverâ„¢

The player wears a key ring clip on the belt, left of the buckle

When in the seated position, the Belt Clip Attachment is swung away from the player

The player stands up

The player rotates the Belt Clip Attachment towards the belt clip

The player clips the Belt Clip Attachment ring into the key ring clip

Having pre-set the height adjustment on the Belt Clip Attachment, the player goes directly into standing performance mode

The lateral and posterior/anterior adjustment maintain the same angles for performance standing as they did for seated performance