Hello, I have long been an advocate of products to help with the difficulties of playing a wind instrument caused by everything from muscle strain to physical handicaps. In my particular case, my bass trombone was causing a strain in my right shoulder and neck. I had experimented in the past with several means of supporting the instrument. None of them seemed to really fit the bill.

Recently I came across an advertisement for the "Trombone Spinesaver". I have found it to be the answer for my situation. I am not having to support the instrument, other than the normal balancing with the left hand. This frees up my "smallish" left hand to more effectively operate the double triggers. It also has corrected my tendency to put weight on my slide arm. It absolutely makes playing this rather heavy horn fun again.

My first test was a 2 hour jazz ensemble rehearsal. I came away feeling no stress, no pain, and really enjoying my newfound trombone spinesaver.

The care that Jonathan Holtfreter took to make sure the spinesaver was set up for my playing was outstanding. We had a couple of phone conversations, emails, and he even requested pictures of me holding my instrument to insure that his tweaking was accurate. I was most impressed.

It is an excellent product and worth every penny!
Posted By: James J Ww.
Belton, TX
Dear Jonathan,
I purchased the Trombone SpineSaver Performance Stand for my husband, who is a professional musician. He was found to have bone cancer and a resection of his left upper arm was necessary, and later a tumor in his neck caused him to have lack of strength with both arms and hands.

The SpineSaver has enabled him to be able to continue practicing while undergoing treatment, as he is unable to lift his horn nor maintain it's position. There is difficulty in trying to remember where the placement of the brackets attach, as the online photos did not quite match his horn. He has enjoyed playing again, now that he can use the stand to support the horn and keep it balanced.

Posted By: GB

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